Sacred Good Friday Concert: “7 Last Words of Christ on the Cross”

Date: March 29th, 2013 , 2013 (Good Friday)

Took place at: The United Church of Underhill (UCC and UMC)

Here you will find a treasure.  This is a peformance of Haydn’s “7 Last Words of Christ on the Cross” performed as a Sacred Good Friday Concert in our sanctuary.  This group has been performing this piece during Holy Week for 21 years and they are excellent.  Thank you to Roger Gillim for bringing this worshipful music to us in this way.


Festival of Choirs 2012

Date: December 1st, 2012

Performance Delivered at: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Essex, VT

Here are two choral pieces sung by the Choir of the United Church of Underhill, conducted by Janet Gallagher.  The first piece is, “Why Do the Shepherds Sing,” by Lloyd Larson and the second piece is, “Come Down to Bethlehem,” by Pepper Choplin