About “Because You May”

“Not because you must, but because you may.”  Each Sunday when many in my tradition celebrate Holy Communion, we hear these words.  They come during the invitation to our open communion table, when all are invited to eat and drink together…not because we should, not because we feel obligated or pressured or because it is expected…but because we can, because we are invited, because God bids us come to Christ’s table and share in relationship.

“Because You May” was started in February of 2010 primarily as a repository for audio sermons preached by Rev. Kevin Goldenbogen.  (Kevin is the pastor of the United Church of Underhill (UCU) in Underhill, VT.  UCU is affiliated with both the United Church of Christ and the United Methodist Church. Kevin is an ordained pastor in the United Church of Christ.)

So, I invite you listen to these sermons, not because you must, but because you may.

Click below for an audio greeting: